The City of London

The City -  a historical centre of London and also called ‘The Square Mile” for its shape and size. A lot of the medieval buildings were destroyed during The Great Fire of London and World War II.

Simply by walking through the City streets you can see: 

The Monument - climb to the top to get a unique view of the city and to see exactly where the Great Fire of London started back in 1666.

Old Bailey - the most well known criminal court in the world, can be accessed on weekdays in between 10AM-1PM and 2PM-5PM. Security is (unsurprisingly) very strict. Bags, food or phones are not allowed and storage facilities are not provided.

Tower Bridge - a bridge built in the 19th century. It still opens when needed to let ships go through. For £6 you can access the Tower Bridge museum and get to the top for amazing city views.

Tower of London - classified as the most famous fortress in the world. Through its 900 years of its existence it has been a royal palace, prison, place of execution, and now houses the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom.


While walking around 'The City' you may want to dig into the history more and visit some of the churches, museums, and galleries. Heck, why not visit a pub or two?

Despite being extremely rich in history, it is also a financial centre with incredible prize winning modern architecture. The ‘St. Mary Axe’ (the gherkin) being one of the best examples.

Among the skyscrapers located in the City of London, there is the world’s main broking marketplace, the most famous insurance market, the stock exchange, the leading metals trading market centre and many more.

Considering there are so many places to visit you should plan ahead. We advise that you get to the top of the St. Paul’s Cathedral beforehand to get a view over the financial centre of London, then walk along the streets to see as many famous attractions as possible and visit Spitalfields Market for the handmade crafts, clothes, and food.


To get to the City of London you can get a taxi or take public transport. A taxi will get you there in 30 minutes. Otherwise, you can take a tube to any of the stations listed below, and the journey will take around 20 minutes.

Everything in 'the City of London' square mile is within a 10-minute walk, and there's always multiple tube stations nearby: Bank, Barbican, Moorgate, Liverpool Street, Old Street, St Pauls, Blackfriars, Tower Hill and Aldgate.